The title "works in progress" should resonate with any writer, author, dabbler, amateur or professional. You know what that means: it means the projects on this page rest anywhere from 'initial concept,' 'scribbles on a note pad,''I wrote and threw away the first 120,000 words already,' 'I'm shopping it out to agents now,' to 'please don't judge me.' The important part is that I'm showing my progress, showing my work for the sake of posterity. As you'll find buried in my blog entries: I'm a big fan of documenting the process. No writer, author, dabbler, amateur or professional should ever believe that novels just write themselves. There is a ton of work done in the background and I'm not ashamed to share a glimpse of my own personal train wreck with anyone willing to watch.

This is a collection of my current short stories with mock-up covers. I'm not a professional designer (as you can easily see!) but I do enjoy the process of making a book cover and having something to visualize and dream with.

Earth Borne

Synopsis: [Michelle, update this!]

Written: November 2012
Current Status: Revision and editing stage
Length: About 47,000 words
Genre(s): Paranormal, young adult, adventure

Earth Borne was written in November 2012 as part of National Novel Writing Month.

Read the (second) draft of Chapter 1 here (about 5,000 words).


Six Hours Remaining

Synopsis: [Michelle: update this!]

Tagline: Six hours left on the laptop battery. Four friends. One cat. Too many zombies.

Written: July 2013
Current Status: Incomplete draft, not finished
Length: About 19,000 words
Genre(s): Adventure, young adult, zombie slapstick comedy

Read the first two chapters here (about 5,000 words).



Synopsis: [Michelle: update this!]

Written: May 2009 (Updated January 2014)
Current Status: Revision and editing stage

Genre(s): Supernatural romance, young adult, adventure, action