CampNaNoWriMo - Day 28 (with video!)

Author's Note: Read day 1-2, day 21-22 and day 27 of The Renegade Messiah. I've attached a time lapse video of writing part of today's entry!

Below you'll see Raize's last name is replaced with ____. I don't know it yet. I'll go back and add it later. There's also a section of just dialogue at the bottom of this story that I wrote, included in the word count, but won't use until later.

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The Renegade Messiah - Day 28

Word count: 558

“Try not to move.”

Sleep had crusted over her eyelashes, making them gummy and brittle. It took all her strength to force her eyes open. As light chased away the darkness, her world became pain.

“Where am I?” She asked, running her tongue along cracked and dry lips.

“You're in the passenger seat of a police car. I'm taking you to another hospital. There were—complications.” Dirk said and his voice was drowned out as he turned on his sirens. She was pressed back in her seat as the security car accelerated.

“Complications,” she repeated to herself. Her lungs ached. Her legs and stomach felt damp. Through blurred vision she looked down and saw that her nightgown was covered in blood. Spittle dripped down the corner of her mouth and all she could do was stare in horror. The pain, though overwhelming, didn't feel real. She felt like she was looking at someone else.

Raize wasn't sure how much time had passed. She felt the car shift and accelerate, and the pain numbed the rest. Dirk spent some time on the car radio, receiving commands from Central and telling them his intentions. She caught pieces of his conversation but her memory couldn't hold them for very long.

“...another bombing, no one has claimed responsibility yet? Of course it's E.V.E! Brent, get off the radio, you need to get to a hospital.”

“I see you took the pretty one. Where's my escort?” Brent's voice cracked over the radio.

The car shook to a halt after a few speed bumps. Dirk got out first and had a heated conversation with staff members of the hospital before the passenger door opened. Raize felt a hand touch her forehead.

“I'm so sorry. I can't stay—but I'll come and visit.”

That was the last time Raize had heard from Dirk the rent-a-cop, the security guard at Blue Mountain Clinic.

She was admitted, screaming in pain and confusion as her medication wore off. And there she slept for three days straight once she was finally given a room.


“Hello, is this Miss _____?” A woman's voice said on the other line. Raize balanced her cell phone against her cheek and stood in the grocery line. She gave the clerk a sheepish look.

“I have to take this,” she mouthed to the cashier and stepped out of line.

“Yes, speaking.”

“Miss ____, I'm calling to conduct your 20th and final interview about your experiences at Blue Mountain Clinic. Is this a good time?” Raize's hands began to shake. Two interviews a year for the past ten years, and this was her final one. She took a steadying breath.

“Now's not really a good--”

“Your compensation will be doubled, Miss ____.”

Raize looked behind to her shopping cart. She could already barely afford the few groceries that lined the bottom. She'd already put back her chocolate milk and fresh fruit.

“Let me step outside.”


Video! Writing The Burning City, Chapter 9, Entry 4

This is the beginning of Chapter 9, Entry 4 of The Burning City! Witness my writing process, from my Spotify playlist to the folder where the story is kept. I wrote a few notes as I went along (like correcting words and forgetting what certain demons look like!). This is as raw as it gets--the creative process, complete with errors, forgetfulness and mental pausing. Thanks for watching! I recommend watching this in High Definition (720) and Full Screen to see all the text. Click on the small gear on the bottom left hand corner to adjust accordingly.

I'm using a screen capture program called ActivePresenter. The full YouTube link is here:


Writing Resource: ActivePresenter, a screen capture software

This morning I sat down at my computer with the intention of continuing my work on Chapter 9 of The Burning City. I had my coffee, my solitude--and, as usual, my brain had other plans. My sister-mine Stephanie (of Steph Skiles Creations) had recently started making short, funny videos about her problems as a Story Board Artist. She plans on breaking in (and tearing up!) the Freelance Artist platform in 2015. She's taking steps to get herself out in the public, using her presence as a diving board. You can see her videos on her Tumblr page, or watch video 1 and video 2 here. As usual, Stephanie inspired me. I went searching for screen capture programs so I, too, could make videos about my writing. We had talked about it briefly; I told her, "I'm too self conscious, I can't get on a camera!" (My teeth... no, not meant for the camera). So she suggested I could write what I wanted, speed it up, maybe narrate it (I tried the audio thing, I also don't like how I sound!). So I thought, I like to write. I could just record the screen, right? So down the rabbit hole I went. Luckily, it didn't take me long. My first stop was Adobe Captivate. To the tune of $400? No, that was simply unthinkable.

Fortunately for me, the internet is as frugal I as am. Two links down on Google and I see the "free alternative to Adobe Captivate," and I'm already clicking it. I read the article, and went to the website. The free version of the program met all my basic requirements:

Active Presenter, FREE includes:

- Full record mode, in high quality - No watermark - No time limit

It also has an editor feature that lets you string images and recordings together, add narrations, and export to video (avi, mp4, wmv, mkv). The full purpose of this program is to help create and distribute learning materials. As such, it also has options like adding multiple choice questions, highlighted text, focus points--very helpful when relaying information.

I haven't found a use for those features yet, but I've only been working with it for a few hours. I can see the potential to be very great, and I have no complaints.




ActivePresenter Export

How Does It Look?

I could tell you all day how great the recording quality is--but I'd rather show you. I've used other programs before that simply cannot capture the clarity of typed words on a screen. ActivePresenter did not disappoint me!



Do you have experience with other screen capture software? Do you prefer a free or premium version? Leave a note in the comments to share your knowledge with the rest of us!