Mobile resources for NaNoWriMo

You can write a novel in 30 days during National Novel Writing Month - but you cannot do it without that right tools. I'm going to cover four different Android apps that I use when I'm away from my laptop or computer. If you have suggestions, please add them to the comments sections! 1. Colornote

This is a free, simple notepad program that is user-friendly, offers backup through your email, and is colorful. You can organize notes by color, or make a checklist. You can find ColorNote here. If you're using an iPhone, you can check out a list of alternative apps here.


2. Trello

Trello is set up like a virtual card system. It lets you create unlimited "boards" where you can add titles, descriptions, check lists - and even share the creative process with other people. I haven't taken advantage of the sharing part yet, but I know I will in the future when I start collaborating. I find the checklist system clean and efficient, and best of all: it keeps me on track. The unlimited number of boards also means you're not limited to just this National Novel Writing Month! Trello could easily be adapted to all of your on-the-go story ideas. Trello also lets you add visual references from various sources: take a picture right then and there, add a file from your phone or computer, or connect to DropBox or Google Drive. Find the Trello app here.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox really is indispensable whether you're writing on your Desktop, Laptop or mobile device. It's a free Cloud storage system that makes your documents accessible wherever you go. And the best part for me, personally, is that it saves multiple copies of your document. So even if you manage to delete it off your computer--Dropbox has you covered. It will show your various versions, and on what machine you edited them on. You can sign up for a free Dropbox account here.(Yes, that is my referral link). You start off with 2 gigabytes of space which is generous if you're focusing on writing documents and keeping story notes.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is an online pinboard for all the things you love. It's visual, easy to search, and connects you with a giant web of ideas. Take caution, though, as it can also be a huge distraction. For NaNoWriMo and all of my writing projects, I like to make individual boards and fill them images that are relevant to my story. It really helps when I'm not sure where to go or I need a new idea. I have a Pinterest board for everything: #Pizzamancer, NaNoWriMo, general story ideas and my dark fantasy series. If you like what you see, feel free to follow me!

Do you have an app I've missed? It's likely; it's a short list. Please leave a note in the comments about what YOU use to NaNoWriMo!