A new website! Again? Again.

I know, the website's been down for months and you just showed up and you're like: wait a minute. A new website! Again? Again.

In all honesty, you may not even have noticed the website was down. I don't blame you: my own mother isn't quite sure 'what to do' with my website. I took that into consideration when making this switch. I'd like to blame it all on Keanu Reeves and SquareSpace's lovely marketing campaign: but it was probably more my mother than anything else. I've also been using SquareSpace for the past year-ish to work on SpoCon.org and it grew on me. And the fact that I broke my last Wordpress website just sort of pushed me over the edge.

Domain is transferred. SquareSpace has it now. Wordpress had multiple, multiple chances and I blew every one of them. I also get a decent-enough discount using my Eastern Washington University student account for the first year!

So: welcome to the new website. I've re-arranged and streamlined some content, and even deleted a few dozen pages. I decided that it's time I start treating my website more like an author page than a casual blog. Mason insists that I keep my blog up, since it's about the only creative writing I do outside of college these days, and I tend to agree. I still want to share any creative projects I'm working on in school!

Some features on this new website include:

  • A tagline: "Indie sci-fi & fantasy author." I'm independent, and fully plan on self-publishing some day if I can't convince someone to publish my stories. My love is science fiction and fantasy, although I do write more modern-day/zombie apocalypse stories than strictly fantasy these days. How do you feel about the title? Is 'Indie' gross? Should I bite the bullet and say 'independent fiction author'? Tell me: I'd love to hear another voice than just my own.
  • There is an image, and then a video, on the landing page. The image is of my cat's paw on some of my handwritten pages (it looks like Earth Borne), and then switches to a time lapse video of me writing a draft of Renegade Messiah. The more I watch the video, the more I'm fascinated by it and wish to dig out that manuscript. I do plan on re-making the time lapse video so there isn't so much black desktop in the background: that also gives me an excuse to write.
  • It says 'something here' beneath the landing page and I'm not certain what I should put there.
  • A "rejection letters" section. This isn't a comprehensive list of rejection letters, but it will start from 2017 and continue forward. Many authors save their rejection letters (and the acceptance ones) for posterity and I'd like to do exactly that: in my own fashion.
  • The "contact" section has my Twitter feed and the last few pictures on Instagram (mostly of my cat). The alternative is that I put it on the main landing page and it just felt cluttered.
  • The "short stories" section has me in some turmoil. I technically only have two short stories published: a fiction and a non-fiction piece. I have drafts of stories that I enjoy sharing that I'm working on: Earth Borne, Six Hours Remaining, The Trials of Blood, etc. Is this the right place to put them? Or do I only share the stories that are published and available to read online, and sweep my 'works in progress' somewhere the occasional curious person could check on? I'm torn; somewhere between insisting that novels take time, and work, and I want to show that I've got multiple projects started and working on: but also not wanting to appear scatterbrained and disorganized. I'm certainly all of those things and more: but what do I want to tell the internet?
  • The "about" > "about Michelle" section has been severely toned down to just awards (that sounds terribly pompous) and my publications (also pompous) but they're very meager. I'm proud of my accomplishments and wish to share them with my readers. I felt that I had too much personality there before and, perhaps, it came off as quite unprofessional. While I don't adhere to any strict professional conduct: I don't want to alienate my readers, either. For those of you know who me in person, here is my true biography:

Trigger warning. Failed poet. I'm neurotic but not malicious; I prefer to have detailed plans and/or instructions. I care deeply and have no patience. I speak fluent sarcasm and the thought of actually hurting your feelings keeps me awake at night, but so do a million other things. I have occasional night terrors. When I sleep anywhere but home: I have to barricade the door. I am incapable of relaxing*. I have one boyfriend, one cat, no teeth, no eyebrows, two XBox Ones, two Playstation 4s, no eyelashesa complete absence of faith. I often say "we" when referring to myself because I group my boyfriend and I together in the same space and activities. I will never have children, and I don't really want to know about yours, but I can be polite. Mt. Dew, please. 

All I want to do with my life is write sci-fi and fantasy novels. All I've managed so far is to not write sci-fi and fantasy novels. I have manuscripts for novels, novellas and short stories. I've had two short stories published and one short non-fiction piece published. I've had two poems rejected, two more are waiting to be rejected. I can technically say (and I often do) that I'm an award-winning author. I have in my possession two awards. 

My life for the past two-and-a-half-years has been dedicated to college and my writing has taken the back seat. I can still hear it yelling, though, because I forgot to gag it: "If you have time to play video games--" Shut up, writing.  We'll get there soon enough. Besides, writing, I play video games to relax and you're not helping me relax. Also, see above*.