PC games on sale! Not procrastinating! GOG.com

Snow day! Campus is closed today due to an ice storm. Awesome. I’ve had my coffee, breakfast, and watched half of my hour long Biology lecture video before I lost all focus. The internet informed me that GOG.com (Good Old Games) was having a sale—and I found one of my absolute favorite old games to share with you! A real-time strategy game based in China called “Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom” and it’s on sale for just $6.


I’ve always had a fascination with Asian culture in general. The music and atmosphere of this game is especially nice. Below is a playlist of the soundtrack to the game so you can hear for yourself!


I have a weakness for any Sierra RTS game (Zeus/Poseidon, Pharaoh/Cleopatra).

Pharaoh/Cleopatra is on sale right now for $3.99 (normally $10): https://www.gog.com/game/pharaoh_cleopatra

Zeus/Poseidon is also on sale for $3.99 (normally $10): https://www.gog.com/game/zeus_poseidon

These aren’t affiliate links, I’m not trying to sell you anything—just showing you a deal on some games that made up my youth that I’ve spent (as well as my mother!) countless hours playing.

If fantasy is more your speed (compared to fictional/fantasy historical), may I also suggest another Sierra game called Lords of Magic: Special Edition. It’s $5.99 right now at regular price, and was released in 1998 (you’ll feel it’s age when you play), but it really has some great features. If you’ve played the original version and are cringing (Oh, it takes soooo long to load battles!), do not be deterred, the Special Edition fixes all of that (like adding ‘quick battles’). It also has all of the expansion content, a great soundtrack and atmosphere, and it’s really just a damn fine game that ages well.


Sometimes I really just enjoy sitting back and playing some of my old favorite computer games. My go-to, “cheer me up no matter what” game is Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven. Hands down the best, worst, funniest old turn-based fantasy role-playing game I’ve ever played on the PC. To this day I still laugh like a maniac when I accidently blow my characters up mixing potions or they drink too much and die… Unfortunately this gem is only included in a “pack” with other games (I haven’t played the others), and runs $9.99 when not on sale (I think I got lucky and paid $3 when it was on sale!)



I acknowledge that countless hours went into the building of these games, and I insist that when I say “best, worst, funniest” I mean it lovingly. Might and Magic 6 let me name characters after my literary heroes and live out adventures like never before and for that, Sierra, I will always love you. Even if all of your townspeople look the same. (Wait, am I playing Oblivion?)


If you use GOG Galaxy, my nickname is G4M3RG1R7.