2016 Quills nomination for best Short Story

I've been a member of Writing.com for 15 yearsOver half my life. I have used it mostly to keep tabs on my literary aunt and also to occasionally post my stories.  I got a merit badge one time (from that same aunt) and that was pretty cool. The website has also sent me, over the course of the years, various pins and birthday cards. What writing.com has done for me over the last half of my life was introduce me other styles, other writers, other experiences. There are a lot of us out there. Writing.com also apparently does nominations for awards, which I just found out my short story Hope in the Darkness is nominated for the 2016 Quill Award for Best Short Story!


You can read more about the Quill Awards here, although you may need to be a registered member of Writing.com to do so.

And here is the full list of nominations so you can read the other stories included!

You can also read my short story online at the North Idaho College's Trestle Creek Review website in Issue #30.

I'll let you know after January if anything happens :)
Update: nothing happened, but it was a nice thought!