Shotgunning Memories

So much as happened lately that it is hard to know where to begin. Let's throw some memories down a shotgun barrel like nickels and start there, firing at random:

  • I nearly dropped out of school with straight A grades because I felt discouraged. Not just a little, but like, what the hell am I doing in school, I have no time for anything, I cannot write--
  • My grandfather passed away.
  • I opened a licensed home business in the state of Washington called Distracted Dragon and sell my 1.5” buttons, magnets, keychains, magnetic keychains and 3.5” drink coasters online, effectively throwing off the albatross of 


  • A ten minute conversation with a valued teacher re-affirmed my belief in myself and I went from seven to fifteen credits (full time) for Spring 2017 semester at North Idaho College.
  • I got tickets to a fancy book reading by the lovely Sharma Shields, who signed my book, which I then scanned and turned it into a drink coaster/memory.2016-11-18-21-01-10b


    • I saw Doctor Strange in theaters. It is weird seeing Benedict Cumberbatch with his British accent and hear him speak with an American one.
    • I've learned about non-fiction, about essays (personal essays, segmented essays, short essays, lyrical essays, on my!), about literary journalism and about work-shopping peer material. I wrote a personal essay about my own trichotillomania which I'll be workshopping in class in a couple weeks.
    • I cried uncontrollably during—and since—the Presidential Elections.
    • I made a video about how I became the Distracted Dragon:

  • I've since had a longer conversation with my valued teacher and once again re-affirmed my belief in myself and was asked to “give myself grace” about not writing, and was given this analogy about my anger at not writing while in college: “It's like being an apprentice chair maker and being upset about making fewer chairs while you're learning to make better ones.” Ok, that is something I can understand. Leave it to my Creative Writing teacher to spin it in a way that makes sense.
  • I have listened to Sabriel, Lirael, Abhorsen and now Goldenhand (all by Garth Nix) in the past year. Sabriel still remains my favorite in the series.

    My cat Boo Boo LOVES to "watch the printers how" as it prints off buttons and coasters.

  • I had all my teeth extracted, healed for two months, and am transitioning to dentures. I am now more embarrassed by adjusting to dentures than to people seeing me without teeth. It's been kind of a secret, many people have not seen me for months (and would not normally see me anyways). It was an easy decision to make, I had an incredibly kind dentist, Mason went to all of my appointments with me, and I have learned to eat soft foods for the past few months. But the hardest part was not changing my diet or hiding my mouth: now, the real battle is learning how to speak, how to eat and how to smile. I've spent much of my adult life hiding my mouth when I speak; there are no photographs that I have taken that show my teeth. Soon, there will be, because it is quite a nice smile—just lacking confidence, which will come with time. My dimples remain intact. Now I have one more thing to claim I share with my biological father: dentures.



  • I am re-watching the TV show “LOST” with Mason. We just finished Season 2 late last night (after my Anthropology paper and quiz, but before work-shopping two non-fiction stories for class the next morning). Watching TV shows makes me wish I had more of an interest in script writing or video game writing.

    2016-10-20-06-13-17I found this picture and thought it was funny.

  • I stopped drinking extreme amounts of caffeine, including coffee and Mt. Dew. I now only drink it when I am away from home—which, recently, has been very rarely.
  • I made some safety pin buttons for a family member who feels threatened by the current political climate.


  • I failed at National Novel Writing Month and have managed to not get inconsolably mad or sad about it. Apprentice Chair Maker, after all.
  • I met my boyfriend's daughter “officially” as his girlfriend and no one caught on fire. She's quite adorable and likes me—a situation I had avoided all my life (children), and now find myself uncontrollably attached to one. A true, potential red-headed step-child.2016-10-30-13-17-52-1b
  • I negotiated a beautiful logo for my business, and you can also bother the artist (and my sister) Stephanie Skiles at her website and Facebook page here.etsy-banner