Welcome to InGifted

New Draft, New Title I've decided to re-title The Trials of Blood to InGifted. Or Ingifted. I'm not certain yet how I'm going to spell it. It will help me keep the second draft of the story individually compartmentalized in my brain. It's a word I made up when I was writing and trying to spell Infected and Gifted too close together. And I like the word so much, I'm keeping it.

How Is That Outline Coming Along?

Yes, with a new Book Title implies progress on said book title. Yes, it's true, I'm working hard on a new outline so I'll be able to sit down and start banging out words. Sometimes I get to a point where I struggle and the outline starts to look like this:


I had to remind myself how much of a visual learner I am, and so I started writing out my plot questions (warning: spoilers ahead!)

2016-07-12 17.43.12b

2016-07-12 17.43.15b

It really helped me get the jump start I needed on a new outline. I've been able to work through some questions, to include my favorite elements from the first draft of Trials, and to develop some new ones. I'm very happy with where this new outline is going to take the story. I feel it's expanded the scope of the story, made it richer and deeper.

Sometimes You Just Need To Make A Shitty Map

While beginning on the outline I started to run into some logistical questions that I couldn't answer without a map. So I just had to sit there and make something visual. I used some lined paper, pens, highlighters, pencils, tape and sticky tabs to make something that would pass enough to help me keep track of where everything was.

The landscape has altered since the last draft. There's now officially a river running beneath the Citadel, across the Glass Plains and through the city of Tor'vic (although I needt o move the tab to show that Tor'vic and Saz'lai are sister-cities across the same river, pressed against the Shard Sea).

I decided that, economically and logistically, the Trials of Blood was much, much more important (and sinister, you'll find out) to be held casually in a small town. So now there's a Big Trade City yet unnamed and a much larger, permanent establishment to hold the Trials of Blood. It's hard to see, but it's on it's own island accessible only by a man-made bridge. What could possibly go wrong...

Now the only path from Tor'vic to the Big Trade City and to the Trials is along a treacherous path pressed betwen the Shard Sea and the Glass Plains. "Why not take a boat and go around?" You may be logically asking. It's called the Shard Sea for a reason, it's not really safe to take a boat in those waters--that's my story and I'm sticking to it. You take the road, or you don't go.