CampNaNoWriMo Days 7-10

Yeah... I see that word count has stalled. Trust me. I see it. I should have started and finished an outline before July. Somehow I still think I can write entire novels without an outline—and I know I can't. So I've been spending rare moments these last few days working on making a new outline. (My handwriting has really gotten worse!) 2016-07-11 10.47.27

2016-07-11 10.47.34

I can't really tell you what I'm writing for my outline or I'd spoil the new story for you! Normally I would, but I think this time I'd really like it to be a total surprise.

OK, not a total surprise.

Some changes you'll see: the way the blood magic system in my world works is re-imagined to something I'm a bit more personally familiar with. How's that for vague?! I've redesigned the Glass Plains to be now covered in an ancient forest because I love the trees and mountains in Montana.

Photograph by Michelle Brumley (that's me!)

I invented a new word (by mistake, it was a typo!) to describe people who have blood magic. This new world, blood magic isn't something to be excited about—in fact, it's quite deadly. The new word is “Ingifted,” which is a mix between infected and gifted. Essentially, this new system of magic is based on science! It's quite exciting for me to consider, because the rules and science is something I'm very personally connected to (having a blood-borne disease myself). It just means I'll be able to be really, personally connected to how the magic in this world works.

I am very passionate about this new imagining of the Trials of Blood (unless I change the title to Ingifted). I believe these new changes will make all the difference in this second overhauled draft.

So I'm still making progress on my outline, and if I can sit down and work out actual story scenes--then I'll be sure to do so and post them here.

So that's what I've been up to: working on a second, stronger outline, reinventing some story concepts, and not doing a lot of actual writing.