Stress Management videos from 1988 (lots of laughs)

I've been taking a much needed "Stress Management" class for college. Now, I originally took it as a backup class (after I panicked and dropped my Chemistry 101 class and eventually my Math 025). It was kind of a joke. "Of course I'll take that class. I'm a nervous wreck." Turns out it's the best class I've had so far. This week we've been working on psychological factors of stress, including a holistic approach to identifying the stressors in our lives. I've watched two videos: "Health, Mind and Behavior" and "Sensation and Perception." Now, I love the class, but these videos are from 1988. So there's plenty of distracting things hidden amongst all the information...

Screenshot (85)

The worst possible point of stress--the stage of exhaustion. I love this dramatic illustration. Where is the whisky bottle!?

Screenshot (82)

This was the screen where I finally discovered exactly how old the videos were...

Screenshot (81)

I can't hear what she's saying because I'm so incredibly distracted by the bomb that went off on the desk behind her. What is all that paperwork?! Couldn't they have interviewed anywhere else?

Screenshot (86)

To illustrate stress I believe they were showing images of the Stock Market. I'm not sure what the significance of gnomes is, but it certainly can't be good.

Screenshot (87)

Proof that cat videos have been a thing (in professional offices, even!) since the 1980's. I can't even begin to explain this picture.

Screenshot (88)

(It turns out he's using the graphic of a cat to illustrate how the mind maps visual images--just look at that haunting kitten face.)

Screenshot (89)

The horror.

Screenshot (90)

Screenshot (95) Ah yes, the perception altering glasses... the height of technology.

Now, I really enjoyed both videos--all of my joking is satirical only, there's quite a bit of great information about psychology to be found. I just also happen to find a lot of humor in older technology...