Trestle Creek Review launch party

The 30th issue of the Trestle Creek Review is launching May 3rd. My short story “Hope in the Darkness” will be published in it, and the editors have asked me (and probably every contributor to the issue) to read my story aloud at the event. There will be free pizza—and at least my teacher is offering extra credit for students to attend—so if I had to guess, the room will be packed to the gills. I may vomit. I'm shaking at the thought of reading my story aloud. I'm a writer so I don't have to speak publically.

When my teacher asked me if I'd be willing: of course I was nervous but, it's an opportunity, right? Even if I'm afraid, it's a learning experience. I've convinced two close friends and a classmate to come sit front-and-center so I have someone to stare at while I read.

I also took the opportunity to ask my teacher if he wanted any buttons made for the event—which he did. I'll make my costs back on supplies, the labor is donated, and the English Department gets some inexpensive swag to hand out.


So if you're in the North Idaho area tomorrow from noon to one, feel free to stop by campus in the Student Union Building, get a free copy of the Trestle Creek Review and give me something to autograph! (Yes, it's a free literary magazine, but the editorial process is part of the training process for the journalism students).