"Hope in the Darkness" accepted for literary magazine

Last month I submitted my short story: "Hope in the Darkness" to my college literary magazine "The Trestle Creek Review." Then I crossed my fingers. And waited. And convinced myself it wasn't going to happen, that I shouldn't get my hopes up, that-- happy-face2


I received an email today that my story was accepted! That means it's not a rejection letter. That only leaves one thing: an acceptance letter!


I checked the edits (although they used .rtf format so I couldn't see where exactly things were changed without going back and looking at the original manuscript). I felt where the changes were made and I agree with the edits (I have no real educational leg to stand on to argue yet). I felt that my literary voice remained intact and I'm very pleased to be included in the magazine.

Screenshot 2016-04-05 13.28.23

I'd also like to point out that my biographical information is going to be printed as:

Michelle is a non-traditional (and proud!) student of North Idaho College in the pursuit of becoming a Dark Fantasy and Sci-Fi novelist. She won an award for "Best Short Story" in 2010 from Spokane's Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention for her Fantasy short story "The Burning City," and will never let anyone forget.

Modest? Not if I can help it. Haha.

Anyways, I really didn't think I'd get accepted into the magazine. I hadn't stumbled across any other sci-fi genre stories in the collection I read so I tried no to get my  hopes up. Well, hopes are up and hitting the ceiling at this point. No, there's no money involved (it's printed for free on the North Idaho Campus), and I'm not sure how many submissions they received. I won't belittle myself entirely: I think it's a good story, not a great story, but I'm honored someone considered it good enough to print it. No, no, I'm excited. I'm way excited. Thank you. I'm not certain when it will be published (in the next few months) but I'm certain I'll end up with a stack of them to show off. I'll add it to my resumé and get back to work on Story #3 for my Creative Writing class that's due in less than 23 hours...