Art is Love

I have this kind of super power. I attract the most genuine, loving individuals a person could ever ask for, and I have the privilege to call them friend. Above all else—and you can quote me on this—is my sister-mine Stephanie.

While nineteen years ago I would have called her friend, now she is my sister. We've grown up together, we've hurt and we've loved and we've been broken together. We've been reforged together. People take the internet and they see it as a way to escape, as a way to avoid. If it wasn't for the internet I'd never have found the one person I want to escape to. The other half of my creative soul rests somewhere in the middle of West Virginia.

And anyone who loves me—knows this as fact.

Recently, someone who has become very special in my life, made a plan to secure his position there. He collaborated with Stephanie on an art project. A commissioned piece. He told Stephanie the idea he wanted. He included a few snippets of our text conversations about my new apartment, the symbol for my new life. And Stephanie ran with it.

She reached in to my writing like a muse and rescued the parts of me that were threatening to drown.

They didn't know it—but they had saved me. I've been on a precipice of writing death for a while now. College has only made it worse, it felt as though my sensation of defeat was inevitable. That because I hadn't written in the last nine months and I couldn't look at a first draft of my own writing without contempt, that it was somehow over. I didn't believe in myself, or my ability to continue.

And then... this happened. This combination of my writing, and my characters, and stories yet to be told--kingdoms in the sky, fierce looking dragons--and stories forever in my imagination. A piece of art that was able to, and continues to, inspire me and remind me to keep writing. I have a renewed happiness with College, with life, with my writing path as a whole--and I have this beautiful print staring down at me, making sure I never forget again.

Art by Stephanie Skiles

If you love Stephanie's art style (of course you do!), send her some love by checking out her website and online portfolio. She's a busy gal, but she can always be busier.

And if you work for Pixar--HIRE THIS WOMAN, because she has the heart you're looking for.

The Gift of Art by Stephanie Skiles



The Gift of Art by Stephanie Skiles


The Gift of Art by Stephanie Skiles

There are so many things I want to say about this collaboration.

My characters, my stories: your love, your dedication.

The gift of art is a gift to all.

Thank you.

It now hangs proudly above my writing desk.

And yes, I will write amazing things in this place...

because of you both.