CampNaNoWriMo: Day 27

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The Renegade Messiah - Day 27

Word count: 520

Raize began to cough, but the pain in her lower stomach made it impossible to move. All she managed was to cover her mouth with a corner of her nightgown. Her ears were still ringing from the explosion. Tears steamed unchecked down her cheeks and she tried to steady her breathing.

She'd never actually heard a gun before, but somehow she knew it couldn't be anything else.

Outside the door she heard muffled voices. She could hear Donna wailing in pain and fear, and one of the rent-a-cops shouting. Rushed foot steps echoed down the hallway. Smoke began to slowly fill up the room; hot and thick. Raize forced herself to stand. She knew she left a trail of blood on the

chair she had been sitting in.

The floor was cold against her bare feet. She saw her clothes in a pile next to the chair but couldn't risk taking the time to change. Besides, she wasn't sure she wouldn't pass out from the pain. She took a shaky step towards the door. She couldn't stay in the room. The smoke was already making it hard to breathe.

Raize took a deep breath and limped towards the door. Vague memories and caution insisted she touch the surface of the door to see if it was hot. The door was cool and she took a moment to rest her head against it. She felt sluggish blood drip down the inside of her leg. Outside, she recognized the voice of one of the rent-a-cops.

“...Central, do you copy? Central?” Then, the voice sounded further away. “Damn it, Brent, you chose a hell of a time to get shot.” It was Dirk, the man who had been outside. She heard a muffled chuckle and turned the door knob.

The building shook so hard that Raize was thrown to the ground. The lights flickered and burst, sending glass crashing from the ceiling. The door flew open and a wave of hot air slammed over her. Smoke overwhelmed the room. Her lungs were on fire. The smoke burned through her with each panicked breath. She closed her eyes. The pain in her stomach spread until every part of her body hurt. Her medication was wearing off and she couldn't catch a gasp of clean air.

Raize felt like she was falling asleep stoned. Her world was spinning but the pain was fading away. She wanted to let the darkness calm her fears, to let the darkness take her away from the pain. But her life had other plans.

The young rent-a-cop from before stepped from the smoke. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her in to a sitting position before wrapping his arms beneath her legs and lifting her in to the air. She felt her nightgown stick to the floor from blood. Her voice croaked; she wanted to warn him, to tell him that her blood was poison—but her mouth wouldn't work. Her body was too weak to protest. He was trying to talk to her but the roar of the fire in the background and the pain overwhelmed her. Darkness found her.