The Renegade Messiah: A project born of Chaos

Two weeks ago, I started taking notes for another story. I'm tentatively describing it as an "alternative history biblical sci-fi suspense story." Given my personal views, this is outside of my knowledge base. However, I have plenty of resources close to my source, both on the side of light and dark. This is a work of fiction; it is not meant to offend, but to distract. I haven't written anything for two weeks. I've been re-reading a manuscript, taking small notes, and wandering off. This was the first glimmer of anything literary that's caught my attention lately. My life is a bit chaotic at the moment; this seems the clearest thing to emerge yet. Futurists (or Creationists, still working on a name) believe Mankind created itself... in its own image. That eventually someone in the future creates the technology to go back in time... and become the first human(s).

"You believe that mankind created itself. By time travel." That statement alone would make most sane people walk away with the assumption that you're crazy. But every so often, that statement gets lucky and hits a sensitive nerve, lighting up the synapse that clicks over from 'crazy' to 'fanatic.'

Someone, the main character, is caught up in the middle of it. Believed by these fanatics (the EVE Initiative, or the Cult if Eden, something biblically sinister), to be the person responsible for this blasphemous act.

I am even considering first-person perspective, which I never write. Something about this story concept resonates with me, and I'm going to chase it as far as it goes.

For the sake of posterity, and my own personal preference, I'm typing up my story concept notes below to share.

January 26th, 2015

The Renegade Messiah

Futurists or Creationists believe that humans created themselves in their own image.

  • That at some point in our future, someone develops the technology to travel back in time and begin the human race.
  • They Ascend to Godhood.

"You believe that mankind created itself. By time travel." That statement would make most sane people walk away with the assumption you're crazy. But every so often that statement gets lucky and hits a sensitive nerve, lighting up that believability synapse that clicks their brains over from "crazy" to "believeable."


  • Someone is caught up in the middle of it - believed to be "one of the few" who have the potential to be "the one" who creates mankind.
  • Someone wants to stop that from happening or change the outcome/results.

The EVE Initiative - Formed to stop the event from ever happening.

January 27th, 2015

Need a main character and a secondary character (a male and female) who will, while on the run, end up falling in love. (Notation 2/9/2015: or lust)

  • Were the plans for time travel just thrust upon our protagonist? An accident or mistaken identity?
  • Does the "EVE Initiative" / "EDEN" already exist in our world? Are they seen as a bunch of zealots of terrorists?


  • The world is a darker place than now; 20 or 30 years in our future.
  • "Raze" - Unnaturally red hair, short, a little on the heavier side. Early 30's, lives at home with her parents, works a job she hates. Anything but leader material.
  • No college, no savings. (Notation 2/9/2015: Yes, this character is based loosely on myself)

This ends my hand written notes; the rest developed through excited conversations with my sister. She is, without a doubt, my silent writing partner. To take notes from my chat sessions with her:

I'm picturing this punk girl. Maybe bright red hair. Maybe even an atheist or an agnostic. Maybe unhealthy. Maybe working a job she hates at 30. Maybe the last thing anyone would take for a leader. Walking home from work, she gets this folder thrown at her by some crazy person who she watches get run down by police. The world is a little crazier in this story world. About 20, 30 years in our future maybe. Wakes up to people banging on her parent's door. Only to have some strange guy rescue her just in time...

I have this... attractive, troubled friend I may base the male character off of. I need to get in touch with him. For... research.

So at this point I have little more than a brief, crazy concept, and no characters except sketches that you see above. But this how it all starts. I'll keep adding to my concept and expand, refine, and rebel. I may be pulling some inspiration from a previous science fiction story I wrote for National Novel Writing Month a few years ago.

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