Artist's Date #1

As part of the Artist's Way (read my previous blog post here), I had to choose an Artist's Date this week. I'm broker than broke ($12 to my name, $5 of it from my better half), running on fumes in my gas hog Explorer, and generally not feeling great. So I tried to think of something that was inexpensive (free would be preferable!), not too outdoors-y, and something new. For three years I've worked at the same truck stop; and three years I've passed a ladder that led to the roof. It started with a thought. "What time is sundown?" I asked. "5:25pm," my other boss said after she checked her phone. Later, I asked my big boss: "What's it take to get on to the roof?" "You climb the ladder." "Can I do that?" Yes, yes I can. And I did. I worked 8am to 4pm that day, and by 4:20pm I was on the rooftop. I had a blanket in my Explorer from a few weekends ago, I packed my work bag, soda and blanket and made the climb.

The Artist's Date is meant to be 2 hours long. My plan was to spend from 4:30 to 6:30pm on the roof and watch the sunset.

"What are you going to do on the roof for 2 hours?!" "I'm going to watch the sunset!" "You're a strange woman." My boss said. I'll take that as a compliment.

And although it wasn't a solitary 2 hours (I had my phone, and a few co-workers climb up to check on me), it felt nice. It was a little cold and a bit windy, and I wandered across the rooftop taking pictures.