Rereading The Trials of Blood (59%)

My progress on rereading The Trials of Blood has slowed. I broke the screen on my smartphone, which I was originally using to read the story on. While there is advantages to reading on a smaller screen (I wrote a blog post about it earlier), there is not an advantage on reading on a screen that is also broken. So I debated: buy an eReader like a Kindle or Nook? Or buy a tablet, which can download the Kindle App that I was already using on my smartphone to begin with? I weighed my options, and when I came across a clearance tablet at Best Buy for $40, I could not pass it up. I snatched up the tablet, it came with a (slightly) protective case, and loaded the Kindle App on it. As soon as I opened it: it synced my place in the story and I was back in business. digiland-tablet

The tablet, while far from the best on the market, is perfect for me. I didn't want it to be so good it was a distraction (or too bad, my last experience with an eReader was awful). It's a Digiland 7" Quad-core Tablet and Amazon has it for around $80 now.

I have 25 pages of handwritten notes that I've taken across 59% of the book. Many of these are revision notes or story information, such as character descriptions.