Editing Style: Think Small

Recently, I've been rereading through my draft of The Trials of Blood. I don't own a tablet or an eReader. My best solution was to download my story to my Kindle app on my smartphone and read it there. The result of reading on a 5.1" screen? Clarity.


Not something I had anticipated. I don't mean clarity of words (although there is that!), I mean it gave me the chance to read small amounts at a time, and keep going. During my break or lunch at work, while laying in bed with an old fashioned pen and paper. I could read, let my mind wander, and read again.

I struggle with focusing enough to read much of anything these days. So as a step in the rereading and editing process, if you struggle with attention issues or time constraints, may I recommend: reading smaller amounts at a time.

2014-12-29 16.40.26b

2014-12-30 23.50.14b

The Kindle app is free on Android and iOS/Apple devices. I dare say it's free on all platforms. I don't have a preference for eReaders, and until I use a tablet or another device, using my Smartphone seems like the best option.

What works for me might work for you. No matter what: keep writing.