The Trials of Blood - Free PDF Download!


Before The Burning City there was...

The Trials of Blood

Malisyn and Allyn are orphans who live in the small village of Tor’vic, on the borders of the mysterious Glass Plains. Their lives are simple: avoid chores and try to find a way to leave the orphanage. Malisyn dreams of being a Blood Mage and Allyn, a sword wielding Guardian. Their lives change forever when they stumble upon the body of murdered child…

When the leader of the Blood Mages suspects a demon is on the loose, he calls for The Trials of Blood: a large scale test for anyone who believes they have the ability to cast magic. Malisyn and Allyn see their way out of the orphanage: to participate in the Trials. Will they survive the dangerous Trials of Blood to discover if they have magic? Or will they die trying?

Or will the demon hunt them down before the Trials even begin?

Download the story FREE!

I'm providing draft zero of The Trials of Blood for free as a .pdf ebook version. This is a 111,000 word draft of my dark fantasy novel for you to read, absolutely free. If you like what you've read, consider a donation. Eventually I'll need the services of an editor (or ten) and all donations are helpful to an artist!

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